Our children enter middle school as ten or eleven year olds and leave middle school as thirteen or fourteen year olds. During these three years, they will experience more growth -- emotional, intellectual, and physical -- than at any other time in their lives (besides from birth to two years old).  It is during middle school that our children will have to learn what kind of person they are and want to become -- who they are morally, socially, intellectually -- as a student, friend, child, and sibling.

As a parent, watching our children face all these changes and challenges can be overwhelming.  Sometimes we feel isolated, especially when our child tells us, "None of the other kids have to...." Our connections with other families can get weaker as our busy family lives lead us to kids' activities rather than hanging out together at the swings in the park.

This is where MBMS Families Connected serves as a invaluable community resource. Whether it's getting information about parenting or teen norms, or finding places to meet other parents to discuss challenges, or learning about resources available to support families, the MBMS Families Connected Website is an incredible asset to our community.

As middle school administrators, we are all too familiar with the challenges facing our students and families.  Stress, academic anxiety, social pressures, and just plain old hormones, can be staggering to face, much less to know how to handle.  We are grateful that MBMS Families Connected can provide support to our families and give parents a place where they can get answers and resources.